Sunday, August 10, 2014

Creating Space

Life seems crazier than normal and I realize that I feel this way at the end of every summer. In Erie, we fill each hour of each sunny day with everything we can before winter takes over and we begin our hibernation until the Spring flowers emerge. This is exhausting! I love being active, socializing, and busy but by Sunday I realize I need to be replenished. I walk every Sunday in Asbury Woods, a local woods with beautiful trails and a creek very near my home. I purposefully don't take my cell phone or music. Instead I begin my walk speaking to God and the Universe. I say I am open and am listening to what I need to hear or learn. I see the green leaves, I hear the woodpecker pecking on a tree, I smell the fresh air and hear the wooshing of the water as it goes down stream to eventually empty into the Lake. Often I find myself thinking of something only later to realize how that idea plays into my hectic life. Today I thought of a way to help teens share themselves authentically. I end my walks thinking of everything I am grateful for. Creating space is a simple way to get us back to the present, quiet our minds, and become re-energized. I'm ready for the week-may it be filled with fun!